• Drawing by Leo Ribeiro


Byverksted in collaboration with Studio17 and Kapittel

Byverksted x Kapittel: The city, our shared home

20.09. – 26.09.2021
🌴 Byverksted is a loosely organized citizen-led initiative, using artistic strategies to amplify bottom-up urban planning and explore interventions in the social fabric of the city.
Through participative workshop formats, Byverksted tries to include and mobilise people to take part in democracy, get involved in their local environment and experience productive cooperation and social community. The initiative investigates societal processes with urban development issues as a starting point, while emphasizing that another city is possible: more equitable, more inclusive and more sustainable.
This edition of a week-long Byverksted workshop at Studio17 is a collaboration with the Kapittel festival for literature and freedom of speech, with its umbrella subject ‘Home’. We will take a closer look at the relationship between people in the urban social space, experiences of neighbourhood and communities, by physically exploring Studio17’s surroundings through walks and talks, a drawing session, probably a public dj appearance, an art-archeological performance, a panel debate and more.
🌴 More info and programme (to be updated along the way) → https://studio17.byverksted.no
All events are free, except for the panel debate and the book presentation by Hannah Gitmark.
Please take care according to protection against covid-19 ⚠️
This week’s program is a collaboration between Byverksted, Studio17 and Kapittel, Stavanger international festival for literature and freedom of speech. In addition to Nytorget, Byverksted might as well activate other spaces in town, such as Arneageren in front of Sølvberget