Ingvild Melberg Eikeland & Fredrik Sele

Etter det så husker jeg ikke noe

17.12. – 20.12.2015

I remember nothing after that

I can’t remember anything after that

“What you don’t look for, you cannot find”.

When our experience of time and space ends, I have to exist. Looking back and forth in time is a parallel action. Like peeking out into space, and pausing into matter. We can do this through our senses, or in the imagination. What I take with me from these processes is relatively relevant in our time.

Cows are me, cows me and cows have me, are in every way tense questions that capture the way the self-conscious being thinks and looks at the world. They can be scaled to any situation.

We have been on the bus, we are on the road, we are going to the beach.

We have been in the sea, we are on land, we are going to the moon.

We were a city, now we are here, but we have no idea where we are going

From full signal to zero signal, like the music that used to play on the radio that is gone now.

What we know and what we dont know

In a small scale “Am I alone?” a reasonable and banal question.

In a larger scale “no” is a reasonable answer.

The broadest answer is “everything exists and if it does not exist, it will be created”.

Those who think they have knowledge, who no one believes in, will always be left out, in their own time

Ingvild Melberg Eikeland was born in Lørenskog in 1989, and grew up in Stavanger. She completed her bachelor’s degree in photography at Griffith College in Dublin in 2014 and has previously studied photography at the Norwegian Creative School in Stavanger and Fine Art at Thorstedlund Art Academy in Frederiksund, Denmark.

Fredrik Sele is from Stord, Hordaland, born in 1985. He is primarily a copywriter, guitarist and singer, but also works with literature and performance through the anarchist art collective Tankepolitiet. He is a graduate of religion and literature at the University of Stavanger.


Thursday, 17.12.2015

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