Håvard Sagen

Non-Servicing Accounts

28.02. – 02.03.2019

The material exhibited is conjured from 87 hours of film captured by the artist in the Arctic Ocean North of Svalbard and on the polar ice cap, July and August 2018. The events unfolded on board Norwegian Coast Guard Icebreaker KV Svalbard. This in the company of a multinational group of 14 scientists working under the EU funded INTAROS project(Integrated Arctic Observing System). The exhibition marks the end of a 3-week residency

The film material is at Studio17 re-calibrated and removed from its intended use as outreach material for the institutions involved. Self imposed strict rules have been used by the artist during editing of the material. This in an attempt to create non-servicing narratives within the 16:9 frames. Aided by digital editing tools the footage has thereby undergone a thorough re-examination and re-contextualization which has begun to impact many of the personal assumptions that the Arctic experience previously gave the artist.

Close to two dusin of the estimated 500 million euro pallets in circulation today have been removed from their former function. They have been cut and altered to play part in floor based constellations. These formations correspond in dimension and cut to manipulations performed upon the original film material. The viewer is invited to improvisatory dance and navigate these physical representations of frozen key editorial moments. This while they take in the assembly of projected streams of 2D images born from fractions of a past distant world.

Håvard Sagen graduated Kunstskolen i Rogaland in 2016 and is currently a third year BFA student at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art.


Thursday, 28.02.2019

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