The Sara Christensen's Collection

Old and New Talents

31.10. – 02.11.2014

(If the English version of the exhibition text is lousily translated please address complains to Ellen Christensen.)

The first exhibit of my collection took place at Trafo, Oslo Norway in 2011. The idea of exhibiting the collection formed during a conversation with Marthe Berger Walthinsen, who was the curator of the project room at that time. Here I realised that a fine amount of artworks was actually in my possession. When I was offered to occupy Studio17 the decision of showing works by the following artists from the collection came at once:

Tine Aamodt / Marte Aas / Vanessa Baird / Margareta Bergman / Sofie Berntsen / Esther Maria Bjørneboe / Franziska Bornkamm / Vanna Bowles / Petter Buhagen / Åsmund Bøe / Bjørn Båsen / Anna Daniell / Merete Dille / Peter Downsbrough / Nadine Droste / Bill Drummund / Ingrid Eggen / Snøfrid Hunsbedt Eine / Julie Engaas / Fadlabi / Marek Firek / Craig Flannagan / Unni Gjertsen / Else Marie Hagen / Ole Hagen / Jesper Halling / Lise Harlev / Iselin Linstad Hauge / Marte Hodne Haugen / Mette Hellenes/ Aksel Høgenhaug / Johannes Høie / Katja Høst / Tone Wolff Kalstad / Tove Kommedal / Marcin Kowalik / Ingeborg Kvame / Marilou Lemmens & Richard Ibghy / Werner Linster / Terry Nilssen Love / Lotte Konow Lund / Josefine Lycke / Line Bøhmer Løkken / Hilde Maisey/ Lars Morell/ Jens & Morten/ Pierre Lionel Matte/ Ulrika Westergren & Magdalena Nordin / Øystein Wyller Odden / Karin Reichmuth / Anna Edit Ring / Karin Erixon- Siri Leira – Malie Robb / Beathe C. Rønning / Benedikte Rønsen / Eva Seiler / Sigmund Skard / Hans Christian Skovholt / Andreas Soma / Sverre Strandberg / Solveig Syversen / Siri Hjort & Constance Tenvik / Rirkrit Tiravanija / Gunn Tjensvold / Janine Maria Schneider / True Solvang Vevatne / Margrete Vistnes / Kira Wager / Marthe Berger Walthinsen / Verena Winkelmann/ + Something borrowed from Eline Mugaas & Elise Storsveen

The collection has expanded rather drastically since 2011. As being an artist myself I also share the passion for art and have a great deal of joy surrounding myself with other artists art pieces. Hence my living, studio, storage situation for the last four years, has been conjoined I haven’t really been able to live with the works to the extend I would have preferred. That’s why it’s such a great pleasure once again to present and share works of artists I find interesting. It’s definitely no secret that the weight of the collection falls on art made by woman. This choice is based on the fact that public and private collections most often prioritise acquiring men. (Not to forget that almost all commercial galleries represent far more men than woman) It’s a fact that sales, commissions and visibility of an art practice, enhances the possibilities regarding further production and career opportunities. As I see it this scenario does not really have anything to do with artistic quality.

My Collection is built on a private economy well below an average. It has to be stated that you do not necessarily have to be a millionaire to buy contemporary art. Artworks made by well-established professional artists don’t always have higher price tags, than art made by amateurs. Being an artist can certainly also be an advantage, if you want to collect art. Most artists have a good overview of the art scene and the possibility to swab and “pay” with own art. This way of collecting might also be the reason, that my collection does not resemble the collections of the typical investment collectors. In many cases I fall in love with works that falls a bit on the side. It’s not always the easily recognisable signature pieces by artists, which by definition are the most interesting in my opinion. When this is said I also have to state that a part of the collection consists of artefacts. These and the works contribute to everyday reflexion and the stories around the acquisitions are numerous. That’s why it’s so absolutely fantastic to own all this. Preparing the collection for this venue can be compared with the feeling of being happily reunited with family and friends. This is exactly why all of this makes sense for me.

Guided tours on request Saturday and Sunday in following languages:
Norwegian/Danish/English/very poor German, all languages with a slight Danish accent
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Friday, 31.10.2014

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