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Byverksted 🌴 in collaboration with Studio17

‘Rekviem for Kulturtorget?’

10.05. – 16.05.2021

Byverksted is open every day between the 10th and 16th of May. On Sunday, coffee will be served at Kaffetrykkeriet. 

Byverksted is a citizen-led initiative for urban city development, bottom-up and on a grassroot level. With irregular appearances the workshop invites all people who are interested in participation, exploration, sharing, learning and creating together. Byverksted comes alive in the interactions between people, ideas and their surroundings. 

This particular edition of Byverksted is titled ‘Rekviem for kulturtorget?’ and will aim at facilitating discussions, initiatives, actions, workshops and debates in relation to the transformation and gentrification that Nytorget is facing: A threat to the cultural focus of the square that we all know and love. The area extending from Nytorget, specifically Pedersgata, is facing similar challenges and is practically ‘unrecognizable’, as Stavanger Aftenblad puts it. 

Who owns the city? Who decides how the city develops? Do we as inhabitants get a say in this? What is the meaning of “the right to the city”? How do we create this city as a community? 

These are amongst the questions we will raise in this week’s Byverksted.

More info will be published here → http://studio17.byverksted.no

and through the channels of Studio17, mainly http://www.instagram.com/studio17stavanger

For questions, inquiries or contact → hei@byverksted.no