Sara Rönnbäck & Daniel Slåttnes

Samtale mellom kropper

26.05. – 29.05.2016

The exhibition «Samtale mellom kropper» at Studio17 is a collaboration between yeast, plant, Sara Rönnbäck and Daniel Slåttnes. The goal was to work together as a group and to get to know each other’s approach – by spending time together, working together and be influenced by each other. We wanted to create an exhibition that touches the audience and highlights the importance of the “silent” communication that the senses provide in a conversation. The result was a series of containers for bodies (or thoughts, if you like). The containers are connected through wires that together create a sound. The sound can be seen as a dialogue between the bodies that are present in the room. Through sight, touch and smell, visitors experience what the plant, yeast, Sara and Daniel have felt during the working process.


Thursday, 26.5.2016

Opening hours: