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The Conversation Pit

#10 with Eric Peter

19.11. – 19.11.2019
When we think of touch, an immediate meaning we attach to the word, is physical intimacy: to touch someone, or something. Yet, what does the touching of someone/thing mean? Through the following three texts, Eric Peter proposes a reconsideration of the word in its intimate contexts:
– Eva Illouz, «Cold Intimacies» (excerpts from Ch. 3)
– Tavi Meraud, «Iridescence, Intimacies» (in particular paragraph 5 and 6)
– Shahriar Mandanipour, «Censoring an _______ Love Story» (excerpt)
Via Eva Illouz, we will look at an urgent and contemporary context of intimacies, the digital space. Here, there is an impossibility to touch, but nevertheless, genuine friendships or loves can arise from the digital sphere. Along this line, we look at Tavi Meraud’s text on screens, iridescence and intimacy. We will look particularly at the 5th and 6th paragraph, going into similar thoughts as put forward by Illouz. The third text is an excerpt from a novel by Shahriar Mandanipour. Here, in different direction, we will talk about the impossibility to touch in the context of political oppression, and/or societal restrictions.
What is the importance of touch? is the question that runs alongside our reading of each of these texts, and is something we will discuss together during this chapter of the Conversation Pit focusing on the sense of touch.

The reading group is open for all and requires no previous knowledge of the subject matter. To obtain the texts, which we hope you’ll read before the meeting on Tuesday, November 19th, please email: post.studio17@gmail.com. The conversation will be in English.