• John Cage, «Wild Edible Drawing» (1989)


The Conversation Pit

#8 – Taste

19.03. – 19.03.2019

Studio17’s reading group, the Conversation Pit, was launched in the beginning of 2017. Previously it examined discourse and practices around self-organised culture. Now the reading and discussions will continue with a focus on sensory studies. Aiming to counteract the dominance of sight and seeing in the field of art and in culture on the whole, the reading group aspires to enrich both artistic practice and exhibition making by re-evaluating the knowledge and pleasure attained by means of tasting, smelling, hearing and touching.

First in the series we will enquire into taste, which the Western cultural tradition tends to regard as the lowest of the senses. We will be reading and discussing the following texts:
– An excerpt from Brandon LeBelle’s «Lexicon of the Mouth»
– An excerpt from Diane Ackerman’s «A Natural History of the Senses»
– A paragraph about John Cage’s «Wild Edible Drawings»

The reading group is open for all and requires no previous knowledge of the subject matter. To obtain the reading material, which we hope you’ll peruse before the meeting on Tuesday, March 19th, please email: post.studio17@gmail.com