Catalina Jose Vallejos


16.09. – 21.09.2014

We welcome you to experience the opening of #DUMPHAUS STAVANGER in real-time, from the comfort of your favorite digital screen device. Use the link http://tv.dumpha.us to see the artwork.

Due to unforeseen complications, this exhibition has been moved from our physical space at Nytorget 17, in to cyberspace.

The artist statement:
«When in the course of human events, a system is encountered that seems unnavigable, we must affect the very basis of time and place to demonstrate thus the generation of human connection through struggle transcend these seemingly immutable dimensions.

Net.art as we know it has a difficult time when relegated to the white box so normative in our contemporary art world, even when new forms of curation are experimented upon by the avant-garde.

Through celebrity culture, lengthy museums walks with my dog, and the great effort put in by all types of dirty new media artists towards performing in alternative spaces away from stages and the like has brought upon the tattering of the social fabric usually woven by physical presence or attendance of the Gallery Opening. We are always present, even in our absence!»

Catalina Jose Vallejos (b.1985 Antofagasta, Chile) is the founder of the worldwide net.art clique #DUMPHAUS. “An Elite Repository For Post-Humans Interested In The IRL Augmentation Of Social Media.” She completed her BFA in COFA UNSW in Sydney, and now she is based in Paris, where she is working on her masters of fine art at Parsons. The theme of this flash pop-up exhibition is Urban Lifehacks.