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Dan Brown Brønlund


22.04. – 24.04.2022
With the installation GLUCOGENESIS Studio17 is transformed into a scenario, inspired by the mix of a field laboratory and a construction site.
Here, GLUCOGENESIS tells the story of man’s possible or impossible survival on alien planets using the science fiction universe’s notion of terraformation: a technological earth transformation technique that will help humans on distant and unknown planets make the place habitable by mimicking the environment here on earth.With the effect of glucose sugar as the invisible main element in and around the sculptures, GLUCOGENESIS is a form of creation. A ‘sweet beginning’, lying in wait in the plastic incubation chambers, in the damp fragmented rock formations, but never getting anywhere.

Dan Brown Brønlund deals with substances such as body, soil, the living and the non-living, and the possibilities of the mix. Here, Dan explores what our primary needs and modern guilty pleasures consist of and uses these as effects in his works. Through its artistic practice, there is a desire to arouse a kind of curiosity for the surroundings, by counteracting the materials they contain. This curiosity is often seen in the sculptural works, where different and often untraditional materials meet.

This exhibition is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council.
Studio17 is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council and Stavanger kommune.



Friday, 22.04.2022: 18:00-20:00

Opening hours:

Saturday, 23.04.2022: 12:00-16:00
Sunday, 24.04.2022: 12:00-16:00