Nina Bang Larsen


03.03. – 05.03.2017

Welcome to Nina Bang Larsen’s exhibition Grensetilfelle. The exhibition is made specially for Studio17.

Nina Bang Larsen brings everyday- and well-known objects into a working process that is completely open to imagination and chance. She does not let logic or interpretation get in the way of her ideas. With a composition of colourful shapes, the spectators get lured into an absurd world, and if they want an interpretation, they are welcome to come up with one themselves.

Nina Bang Larsen (b. 1981, Hardanger) lives in Bergen and has an MA degree from the Bergen Academy of Art (2010). In recent years, she had several solo shows, including: Soft Gallery (Oslo), Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag (Namsos), Project Room Normanns (Stavanger) and Vestfold Kunstsenter (Tønsberg). Bang Larsen also participated in several group exhibitions: Kunsthåndverk 2015 in Kunstindustrimuseet (Oslo), the Kunstbanken Hedmark Kunstsenter(Hamar), Visningsrommet Kurant (Tromsø), Visningsrommet USF(Bergen) and Sculpture by the Sea (Aarhus, Denmark). In the spring of 2016, she received Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond’s three-year working grant.


Friday, 3.3.2017

Opening hours: