Celeste Najt

Here, There & Nowhere

07.08. – 10.08.2014

“Pain forces the intelligence to understand, and to make us understand, that the most frivolous signs of worldliness refer to laws, that the most painful signs of love refer to repetitions.

The persons whom we have loved have made us suffer, one by one; but the broken chain they form is a joyous spectacle of intelligence”.

– Gilles Deleuze, Proust & Signs

These works intend to provoke a reflection of time lost and time regained, phenomena experienced while traveling, while not living in a fixed place. Celeste has been moving between continents for more than two years, collecting impressions and found objects, rediscovering herself in the places she has been living, using it all as raw material for new pieces.

Sensitivity, crisis, joy, passion, belief, and disappointment are just some of the ingredients that have been spread over the canvases and onto the wood pieces. How hard can it be to be truly ourselves when we are always in the same place? How hard is it to suddenly be completely aware of the rough and real perception of ourselves, simply because the everyday structure is gone?


Thursday, 7.8.2014

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