Anna Ihle, Lina Kruopyte & Emil Borhammar


12.06. – 15.06.2014

job job*

*also known as a real job. The type of job one typically goes to College and/or University for.

When hired for a job job, it’s no longer something you’re only doing for the paycheck until something better comes along. A job job is a serious job you’re dedicated to and intend to make a career out of.

«I have an interview for a job job tomorrow morning. If I get this job then I can finally get my career off the ground and quit the shit job I’m in». [Urban Dictionary]

Anna Ihle (b. 1984 Stavanger) explores work ethics by taking on different traditions and materials. At Studio17, Anna Ihle is showing the work Idle Hands, which has its starting point from a Norwegian protestant tradition. By negotiating her own motivation to work through the eyes of a protestant work ethic and the precarious contemporary artist, she insists on submission in her work, where different world views can collide and co-exist.

Lina Kruopyte (b. 1988 Vilnius) works with the concept of “general performance” – a current state of labor beyond measure, or in other words – one’s actual, quasi-theatrical self-performance. In her practice, she observes general performance within disciplines of fashion and contemporary art, paying specific attention to the cross-pollinations between the two. In the video work Season, she observes language and the processes by which it is learned, reproduced, and legitimized. Language here is a subject to a quote and acquired professionalism. Specifically, she is interested in the ability of language to construct and not merely describe. Did one ever know what edge was other than the outside limit of an object?

Emil Borhammar (f.1983 Reykjavik) tells stories. During a school year he collected 90 240 stones, the same amount of krones as his student loan the same period. With humor, and often his mom involved, he explores work, power structures and art.


Thursday, 12.7.2014

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