Anne Cecilie Lie


24.06. – 26.06.2016

The body and everything that surrounds it are in principle constructed of the same materials. Even so, there still is a distinction between the world and the individual. Where the individual meets the world there is a “surface” where the self meets what is other than self, as described by Drew Leader in The Absent Body, a text inspired by Mearleu Ponty’s writings about phenomenology.

We often dream about being somewhere else than where we are; an imagined attraction elsewhere. To want this is not the same as to actually be there, but at the same time we are less present right where we are. We oscillate between a degree of presence and absence.

Once this ‘surface’ might not have existed. Everything was of the same, no boundaries were drawn or divisions created between the self and the outside. What is this surface in itself? What is contained within it; is it something else, something more than what is on its outside?

Lacuna is an empty space or a missing part; a gap, cavity or depression.

Anne Cecilie Lie works mainly with installation, video, sculpture and performance questioning how our environments create a sense of individuality and how fleeting this is. She graduated with Bachelor of Art Academy in Trondheim in 2014 and lives and works in Oslo.

The exhibition is supported by Stavanger Pukk and Rogaland Kunstsenter.


Friday, 24.6.2016

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