September Split

Members Only

15.05. – 17.05.2015

Studio17 presents the exhibition Members Only by the artist group September Split:

Sigrid Bendz
Kjetil Kristensen
Anna Åstrand
Geir Backe Altern
Ingrid Forland
Gustav Samrelius

September Split is a Norwegian based artist-run organization and collective that was founded in September 2011 to help and challenge selected artists to travel and exhibit abroad. Our main focus is on Scandinavian contemporary art. Our core objectives are to help create and launch art, to promote, support and facilitate for the activities of our artists.

The September Split artist are working in a cross-disciplinary, cooperative structure that recognizes that art transcends the boundaries of specific mediums. Working from the idea that the curators role should be and is posed as a conceit or statement or question alongside that of the artist, and that this process should not be stopped through excess projection around the historical construction of the idea of what an artist may or may not represent.

For the exhibition Members Only, September Split is showing recent acquired and selected artworks from their vault.

This is the first time September Split presents their members in Norway.


Friday, 15.5.2015

Opening hours: