Detroit Kunsthalle feat. Centre for Open Culture

MØLLEØY | Detroit Kunsthalle feat. Centre for Open Culture | Nord-Jæren |

23.09. – 23.09.2022

Detroit Kunsthalle (DKH) is moving from critique to proposal.

We are proud to announce that we will be again hosting an international art workshop in the Stavanger region, this time initiated in partnership with the Centre for Open Culture (CZ). Ten art-professionals based in the Czech Republic and four based in Norway are going to meet up at the nomadic Detroit Kunsthalle, Nord-Jæren, this time to question different issues related to memory work of the many approaches within different contemporary art practices.

The workshop is an initial phase, a contemporary kick-off of a large-scale multi-layered opening-exhibition -project supported by an EEA/Norwegian grant titled ‘Mill Island’, by the Centre for Open Culture (Czech Republic) together with the project-partner institution Detroit Kunsthalle (Norway). ‘Mill Island’ is in its complexity a project that aims to contribute to the process of redefining many roles of contemporary art and memory institutions. One of the key outputs of the whole project will be an opening-exhibition, or rather a contemporary artistic environment – a playful architecture within the architecture. Its opening is planned for September 2023. It will be the inaugurational project for the new gallery which has been being built within an area of the Automatic Mills, former flour mill in the city of Pardubice, Czech Republic. The historical part of the building was built between 1910–1925 according to a design of Josef Gočár, one of the most important Czech architects. In 2015, it was declared a national heritage site. The whole complex is a distinctive architectural icon, a place with a strong local and supraregional story and genius loci, just like Detroit Kunsthalle..


Šárka Zahálková / CZ – curator, artist, activist. She has a long-standing interest in art as a tool of social change and art in public space. Zahálková did the one-year Swedish curatorial titled ‘Commissioning and Curating Contemporary Public Art’ at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg (2019) where she met Detroit Kristensen.

Zahálková travelled to Brooklyn, New York City on a Fulbright-Masaryk scholarship (2018) and she has taken part in several other residency projects – both for artists and curators. Zahálková is currently undergoing the Phd program at The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Kjetil Detroit Kristensen / NO – lead-intern at Detroit Kunsthalle (DKH), artist and creator of projects working with unconventional storytelling through contemporary art. Kristensen studied at Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art (BA, 2011), Oslo National Academy of the Arts in the specialised program MAPS – Art & Public Space (MFA, 2018) and together with co-author Zahálková at Valand Academy (curatorial, 2019).

Kristensen did an externship when Detroit Kunsthalle initiated its first international (NO/UK/CA) art production at Nord-Jæren titled ‘A Residency Within A Residency´ (2018) with the critical final presentation ‘Detroit Kunsthalle Under New Management’ (2018) in Stavanger.


David Böhm & Jiří Franta (www.bohmfranta.net) / CZ

Ondřej Buddeus (https://bit.ly/buddeus) / CZ

Sayed Sattar Hasan (www.sayedsattarhasan.com) / UK/NO

Nikola Březinová (www.otevrenakultura.cz) / CZ

Kristina Fingerland (www.instagram.com/k_fngrlnd) / CZ

Kateřina Jirsová (www.katerinajirsova.com) / CZ

Ian Mikyska (www.ianmikyska.com) / CZ

Araiz Mesanza (www.araizmesanza.com/) / ES/NO

Alessandro Marchi (www.alessandromarchi.com/) / IT/NO

Tomáš Moravec (www.tomasmoravec.cz) / CZ

Marie Sieberová (www.otevrenakultura.cz) / CZ

Šárka Zahálková (www.160cm.me) / CZ

Kjetil Detroit Kristensen (www.kjetilkristensen.com) / NO

The Centre for Open Culture (COC) is an organisation funded by the city of Pardubice. It was established in 2018 by the multigenre cultural and production centre Divadlo 29 and the City Gallery Pardubice. The central aim of the COC is the presentation, development, and support of contemporary professional and non-professional art in the fields of performing arts, visual arts, and literature, conceived as broadly as possible and incorporating many directions. With its activities – which are not profit-oriented – the organisation aims to develop cultural and artistic diversity in the region, to improve the quality of life and cultural literacy of its inhabitants, and to make art and creativity an organic part of the life of the city and region.

The COC collaborates closely with the Pardubice cultural non-profit organisations Terra Madoda and Offcity on various projects, including Filmfuse, Offcity Architects, and Islands in Motion (Ostrovy v pohybu). Each year, the Centre organises the regional component of the One World and Tanec Praha festivals.

Detroit Kunsthalle (DKH) operates as a nomadic independent cultural producer that creates and mediates temporary art projects for public spaces, both digital and physical. With our activities – which are profit-oriented – we help strengthen the transdisciplinary field of Art in Public Space by uncompromisingly pushing the field forward, and work as a premise supplier in the creation of temporary art projects for today’s and tomorrow’s society.

Detroit Kunsthalle’s endeavours have been made possible through generous support of grants and donations from grant programs, family foundations, and the many individuals who believe in the transformational power of contemporary arts.



 EEA and Norway Grants   /   KORO / Public Art Norway   /   Rogaland County Council



Studio17 is supported by the arts concil of Norway and Stavanger municipality.


Friday, 23.09.22: 19:00-21:00