Agatha Wara

The Book

27.08. – 29.08.2021


Success with The Book’s arrival into the What Is, we are happy to report. Like a reverse vanishing elephant, from inside a puffy white cloud of smoke, it flashed a smile and said “Hello”.

The Publisher

Agatha Wara is a Bolivian-American artist living and working in Oslo. She studied at the Center for Curatorial Studies in New York, USA and the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Norway. Wara is currently working on her first novel to be debuted in the summer of 2022 for the National Museum in Norway.

Photos from the Exhibition by Kristin Svanæs-Soot:



Friday 27.08.2021: 18:00–20:00

Opening hours

Saturday 28.08.2021: 12:00–16:00
Sunday 29.08.2021: 12:00-16:00


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