Christiane Lieungh & Siri Sandersen

The Visit

05.03. – 08.03.2015

Siri Sandersen and Christiane Lieungh are exhibiting together for the first time. The exhibition, featuring new artworks, investigates how their work is interlinking and how new relationships arise thought this process.

Siri Sandersen lives and works in Porsgrunn. She has a Master degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Different times will be working without magic, you never know why. This is distant. This time is now. Strange things happened a long time ago. My eyes are listening. I want to know why ideas are helping out, So left is right. Everything knows. The difference is, you never make sure. Time is up.

Christiane Lieungh
Daughter of Telemark,
Master of Fine Art Bergen
Citizen of Vienna

I can’t be what I can’t see
I can’t be what I can see
I can be what I can’t see
I can connect
Nothing with nothing
We have two eyes
Why be double blind
I hate you because
You remind me of me
We think of the key
Each in his prison


Friday, 5.3.2015

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