Amelia Beavis-Harrison

Tomorrow is Never Enough

26.08. – 28.08.2016

Tomorrow is never enough is an exhibition predominantly exploring the politicized content of newspapers. The exhibition will bring together a collection of works from Amelia Beavis-Harrison’s newspaper series where newspapers are used as a score or script for performance. The exhibition will show both artefacts of performance, and remnants of enquiry as the space contains costumes, video, performance and collage. The new performance Personality Papers will be performed at the opening at 20:15. The piece explores the visual break down of text through creating performances scores as collages. The reading of the collages become a play where different newspapers interact with one another, often referencing the same material but through different politicized vocabulary. The exhibition shows the new film Citizens Advice which responds in real time to the questions being asked on a daily basis about welfare and support in the UK, a country dictated to by an intolerant and unsupportive, class divided, government. A four person jumper worn by performers in the work No New News will also be present in the exhibition. —– Amelia Beavis-Harrison (b.1986) is a British artist based in Oslo. Her practice explores an expanded approach to performance, often working across the fields of visual art and theatre. Amelia has an MA from Kunstakademiet I Oslo, and runs the nomadic art platform Kunst Vardo. In 2016 Amelia has exhibited in Mumbai and Delhil as part of Publica, Collected Stories at Luda Gallery in St Petersberg and Tatt av Heimdal at Heimdal Kunsforening. Future exhibitions and performances include working with Munchmuseet and UKS in the autumn, and Expressions of Research at ICIA in Bath, UK.


Friday, 26.8.2016


Friday, 26.8.2016

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