Irene Gellein

Tralten eller Utpult

23.10. – 25.10.2015

The text was approved by the artist and the organiser of the exhibition. It was a bad text, full of errors and shortcomings. It didn’t say anything about what one could see in the exhibition, what was interesting about it or why one would want to go there. It didn’t say that the works had a high degree of materiality and a multi-faceted orientation both in their presentation, tonality and approach, nor that they explored the complex borderland between time, place, space, landscape, area, space and their own existence/non-existence as a work of art, and that they were in a kind of “non-existent outer space vacuum” place. The text lacked incomprehensible metaphors of cut-off fingers that just milked ideas and betrayed internal organs that popped around in the atmosphere – weightless – in perpetual pursuit of entertainment to effectively challenge the intersection of one and the other and so on. On the other hand, there was something about the fact that there was an exhibition of paintings, and that two musicians were to play continuously. It was an unreadable text, so it was rejected.


Friday, 23.10.2015

Opening hours: