• Photo: Hans Borchgrevink Hansen


Ellen Grieg


08.09. – 11.09.2016

As a textile artist educated at SHKS in 1973, I have gradually moved from textile design to more sculptural works. My work has always been characterised by the fact that I dye my own material, whether it’s natural or synthetic fibres. During my education, I became fascinated with synthetic ropes made of nylon (polyamide). These took the pigments very well and made strong differences between coloured and uncoloured portions due to the hard twine the ropes are manufactured with. This is a known effect that is used in ikat and batik.

In recent years, I have worked more three-dimensionally. Examples of this can be found in the pictures from Lynx. The building depicted is a pavilion in the Frogner Park from the mid-1800s, which is currently used as a gallery space, run by Josefine Lyche. The exhibition in Lynx consisted of a work that was adapted to the room. The circular shapes in the painted ceiling that is inspired by the Pantheon in Rome were echoed in the spiral form of the work. Since the pavilion is protected, it is not allowed to screw or nail into the walls or ceiling. I therefore chose a lying spiral shape that could be threaded onto a tension wire. In this work I have loosened the rope all the way to the thinnest fibre. The colour combined with the lighting made the work visible at long distances.

– Ellen Grieg


Thursday, 8.9.2016

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