Stine Janvin og Cara Tolmie

“Utility Music”

11.03. – 13.03.2022
In this new collaboration for Studio 17, Stine Janvin and Cara Tolmie will explore vocality between bodies and acoustics while exploring ”work” as a daily ritual within a durational time frame similar to a “normal job”. During the work day, they will accompany hand crafted tasks such as sewing, weaving and unraveling with explorative ‘hand to mouth’ vocality and ASMR inspired close recordings. This ‘functional’ music will further expand their existing vocal explorations into the repeated, fragmented and extreme voice set within an intimately sprawling environment of wools, thread, fake nails, brushing, untangling and soft touch.


Friday 11. March 18:00–20:00

Opening hours:

Saturday 12. March - Sunday 13.March 12:00-16:00