Sarah Fjørtoft Jacobsen

Yoga and meditation on the cycle of life, and death

21.03. – 21.03.2023

You are invited to participate in a yogic practice where we emphasise focus on the cycle of life, ending the session with a guided meditation aimed to contemplate and befriend death.

The event is free.
We have limited space for 9 people so please sign up in advance by messaging Sarah at 48253661 or on a PM to secure your place.

This is also a part of Sarah Fjørtofts process work during her artist residency at Studio17, where she will mainly explore the topic of human impermanence eventually resulting in a final exhibition in week 13.

The yogic practice will be led by Zubia Con Zeta, a yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher. Her practice is slow and gentle, focusing on the breath and the movements helping us be more present and accepting of what is. The meditation will be led by Sarah Fjørtoft.

Participants are asked to bring their own mats and blankets.
If you don’t have the chance to bring your own please send us a message in advance and we can see what we find.

Opening hours

Tuesday 21. March 18.00

Sign up

The event requires you to sign up.

Please contact the artist on 48253661 to reserve your place.


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