Ane Barstad Solvang

«Deep in the Forest, Behind Mount Doom»

25.03. – 27.03.2022

Deep in the Forest, Behind Mount Doom

Rides a Devilish Witch

On her Bright, Red, Broom

She’s been riding alone for years

Drinking many beers,

Not shedding any tears.


Her name is Sporty ponni,

Free from relationships,



And money.

Ane Barstad Solvang has produced the immersive exhibition, «Deep in the Forest, Behind Mount Doom» as an extension of her next book, «Sporty ponni». In this space, her devilish alter ego Sporty ponni steps out of the pages and into the room, creating a free space where she no longer needs to relate to the norms of society, rules or expectations. Out in the woods, Sporty ponni can drink, smoke, go fishing and play as much as she wants. 


Inspired by her own hiking, Barstad Solvang has evoked a landscape where mice are eating sausages and beans while water lilies are smiling and horses are taking evening baths. In this fauna, the patriarchy is subordinate to nature, and so Sporty ponni lives in harmony with animals and plants. In this solitaire, she is free. 


Barstad Solvang will open the exhibition Friday 25.03 at 18:00 sharp, with a performative reading of her next book, «Sporty ponni» (Colorama print, publishing in april 2022). Ada Risberg has composed her own soundscape for the reading. 



Barstad Solvang (born in Porsgrunn, 1991), lives and works in Oslo. She works with text, drawing, painting, ceramics and performative readings of her own works. «Sporty ponni» is her third book. Solvangs work has been acquired by The Norwegian Arts Council  and The National Library of Norway’s collection. «Deep in the Forest, Behind Mount Doom» is Barstad Solvangs first solo exhibition. 


Friday 25. March 18:00–20:00

Opening hours:

Saturday 26. March - Sunday 27.March 12:00-16:00