Eivind Egeland

Den Mørkeste Blå

22.12. – 26.12.2016

In the gallery space, the documentary video «Kim og Alyce for alltid» (2016) is exhibited alongside physical works. Eivind Egeland examines whether these objects can act as a body for the video that is based on light and sound waves. A body that got lost during the transformation from its three-dimensional origin to the two-dimensional surface on which it is now projected. The film depicts a bachelor party set in the fjord of Hommersåk. The artist ponders on the camera’s abilities to document interaction between people and how they relate to the camera. In a private context, photography is often used to document travel, holidays and family gatherings. The film is an extension of this. Egeland creates a private room and opens it for the public.


Thursday, 22.12.2016

Opening times:

Friday, 23.12.2016
Monday, 26.12.2016