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Emilie Wright

Fever Dream

11.02. – 13.02.2022

This year’s first exhibition at Studio17 is the exhibition Fever Dream by Bergen based artist Emilie Wright.
Welcome to the vernissage on Friday 11.02 at 18:00!

Fever Dream is an immersive, evolving sound installation presented over the course of three evenings at Studio 17, Stavanger.Β 

Based upon notions of domestic (dis)comfort and internal terror, Fever Dream is a speculative account of longing, a hopeful dream in a moment of acceleration to the point of crisis – A sonic science fiction about love, pain, loss and grief, an opening out and an opening up and the aura of possibility that arises through catastrophe.

Emilie Wright is an artist and composer from Melbourne, Australia, currently living in Bergen, Norway. Their practice operates between the sonic and the visual, exploring modes of storytelling across spatial sound, movement, architectural environment, moving image and live performance. They are interested in the capacity of sound to shape our relations to the world through psychoacoustics and the perception of sound within forms of embodied listening. Their practice and thinking stem from a posthuman, feminist, queer perspective.Β 

Photos from the Exhibition by Eivind Egeland:


Friday, 11.02.2022: 18:00-20:00

Opening hours:

Saturday, 12.02.2022: 18:00-20:00
Sunday, 13.02.2022: 18:00-20:00