• Cecilia Hultman, «SILENCE (in a concert hall)», 2016


Cecilia Hultman


19.01. – 22.01.2017

Studio17 is proud to present the new exhibition HOLD by Cecilia Hultman. Hultman is an artist whose practice focuses on drawing and sculpture. The precision and associative playfulness in her work means her process functions as a kind of poetic reasoning, a method where a keen eye makes the relationship between the visible and the imaginary tangible, with the help of use of concrete materials.

The title of the show HOLD refers to the many different uses of the word hold in Swedish, where both the formulation and the form of the title set the tone. A tone which doesn’t necessarily point to what is simply visible, but still employs a literal directness.

In the Studio17 show, Hultman presents drawings together with, and as sculptures. She translates literal punctuation points into manageable sculptures and printed best-before dates into concrete spaces. The motifs present in the exhibited drawings are of those of rock climbing, geometry, art history and astronomical space. In Hultman’s work a hole in the ocean can meet a meteor, through her pencil drawings a grid can meet the ground and greet (the land art pioneer) Mary Miss.

Cecilia Hultman, born 1985, Sundsvall, Sweden, holds a BFA and an MFA from Konstfack, Stockholm. Hultman has recently exhibited at HangmenProjects (Stockholm), Art Lab Gnesta and Nässjö Konsthall. Hultman has recently finished a residency at Iaspis Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm and received both the Göran Dahlbergs grant and the Skien municipality artist work grant this year.

During the exhibition opening hours Cecilia Hultman will be present at Studio17.

The exhibition is supported by Rogaland Art Centre.


Thursday, 19.1.2017

Opening hours: