Jiska Huizing & Mari Kolbeinson

How I came to Spaceland and what I saw there

29.05. – 31.05.2015


Dear Jiska

Do you want to perform a sound piece at my exhibition in Stavanger? I have been thinking about it all night. What I plan to exhibit will evolve around my interest in painting, focus on surface, plane, composition and how those unfold in the 3dimentional realm. The exhibition space itself is really interesting, with lots of quirky corners and stairs. It has two levels and you have to walk down a few steps to get to the main space. I think this could be interesting to work with as starting point for an installation; the shift that will occur when the viewer first, when standing in these stairs, look down at 2dimentional composition, before then actually entering it. Whilst moving around in the installation they might notice my interest in the notion of support. I hope this could be interesting for you as I think our works could really compliment each other. It would be great to have you there.

Best wishes,

How I came to Spaceland and what I saw there is Mari Kolbeinsons first exhibition in her home city Stavanger. She exhibits two pieces, the installation Knallblåe himmel and the video I will try to catch your point, both from 2015. At the Opening night of the exhibition and at Saturday at 12.00 the Dutch artist Jiska Huizing will perform from her the sound piece-series Torn tracks #4 Ice in the freezer.

Mari Kolbeinson (b.1989) is a Stavanger born artist who recently graduated from the MA in Fine Art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. She work with painting, performance and installation, often conveyed through watercolours and stop motion Video. She graduated from the her BA at Kingston University, London in 2012 and has since then been exhibited in cities such as Rio de Janeiro, London, Oslo, and Bergen.

Jiska Huizing (1991, The Netherlands) is a Dutch artist based in Bergen. She has a background in photography, but works in various fields including sound, performance and (artist) books. Collaborations are important in her practice as well, both for getting introduced to new fields as for getting a deeper understanding of her current practice. She is a recent graduate from the Master in Fine Arts at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and did her bachelor at Academy Minerva in Groningen, the Netherlands. Since then she has been exhibiting in various places in The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, and is participating in projects such as PRICCAPractice and the Nordic Sound Art Program.


Friday, 29.5.2015

Opening hours:


Sound performance by Jiska Huizing:

Friday, 29.5.2015
Saturday, 30.5.2015