Lena Katrine & Heidi-Anett

Seeing Differently

06.11. – 08.11.2015

Heidi-Anett & Lena Katrine is the artist who is not one. Lena Katrine & Heidi-Anett work with subject and object positions in a (queer) feminist durational perspective. In their art, they create a space where they ask questions about representation, “gazes” and the artist as an independent autonomous subject.

At Studio17, they will show a series of photographic works from the last five years. The exhibition is curated by Helle Grøndahl. Grøndahl wants to place the practice of Heidi-Anett & Lena Katrine into a continuum where the artworks relate to the feminist art history, contemporary tendencies and future uncertainties.


Friday, 6.11.2015

Opening hours: