Linda Larsen

Throw Your Traces

04.03. – 06.03.2016

Fox, tell me please is there something? Will there be shame next year? Fox, speak clearly. Let the people coming to the field stand eye to eye. Throw your traces. Give me your nails to mark the sand. Be clear. Whatever you see, tell me Give me your footprints.

– Dogon Fox Divination chant

Groundnuts, cacao and palm oil were part of the biggest export industries in Nigeria before crude oil was discovered. Groundnut production was a key part of the economy in Northern Nigeria. Bags of groundnut were stacked in the shape of a pyramid before they were shipped. The pyramids, once viewed as a symbol of wealth, vanished with the introduction of oil. Pyramids have been built by different civilizations for thousands of years, often surrounded by royal, astrological and spiritual meaning.

Linda Karin Larsen is currently based in Stavanger, she received a bachelor’s degree from the Oslo Academy of Fine Art in 2013. She is also the most recent member of the Studio17 team. During her exhibition at Studio17, she will be channeling ancient truths from the void through sculpture and sound. Hovering in the middle of the science of construction and industry, and the superstition of cosmological and spiritual mysticism.

The event is supported by the City of Stavanger.


Friday, 4.3.2016

Opening hours: