Tove Kommendal

Hus – under radaren

01.06. – 03.06.2017

At Studio17, Tove Kommedal will show new work that is part of the project Hus – under radaren. For this project, Kommedal has invited researcher and sociologist Merete Jonvik as a conversational partner. Jonvik has written a short text for the project that reflects on the notions of need, desire and quality.

Tove Kommedal works within several artistic expressions and media, often touching upon socio-political situations. Kommedal’s practice is characterised by a research-based approach, she experiments with the potential of art and the artist as social and political influences.

A common theme in Kommedal’s practice is the individual’s vulnerability in society.

Kommedal has participated in several international exhibitions such as Forårsutstillingen at Charlottenborg Copenhagen (2017); New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen (2015); and The 4th International Video Art Exhibition in Taiwan, The Return of the Ghost. In Norway, she exhibited the project dEFINISIONMAKT at Oppland Kunstsenter (2017); Telemark Kunstsenter (2017/16); and Hå gamle prestegard (2015). In 2014, she participated in the exhibition Who Owns the Story? Power, Art and Democracy at Stavanger Art Museum and at the annual Vestlandsutstillingen, where she also made her debut in 2004.

Merete Jonvik is a researcher at IRIS. She is a social anthropologist with a degree from the University of Bergen (2005) and a sociologist with a PhD from the University of Stavanger (2015). In her doctoral thesis Folk om forskjellar mellom folk, Jonvik explores how people from different social backgrounds perceive and communicate cultural and social differences, and analyses what social consequences result from the fact that there are systematic differences in perceptions of culture and hierarchy. Jonvik’s research also focuses on the fields of art and cultural sociology.


Thursday, 1.6.2017

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