Annabell Lee Chin & Roger von Reybekiel

In Bloom

22.09. – 24.09.2017

In Bloom is a process-based and site-specific collaborative exhibition by Annabell Lee Chin and Roger von Reybekiel. The exhibition combines improvised poetry written by hand directly on the walls during a one-week shared production period, together with found objects and flowers from the nearby area.


Annabell Lee Chin is an artist working in various media such as text, sound, sculpture, performance, film, drawing, needlework, and printed matter. Her work explores a variety of linguistic areas, in example: observations in the private/public; appropriation of online blogs and diaries; and phonetics.

Roger von Reybekiels individual and collaborative projects explore the artificial distinctions between art, life and the everyday. Most recently his practice has examined the use of writing in artistic and linguistic processes and digital developments in contemporary art and literature, artistic processes in events experimenting with forms of improvisation and collaboration, as well as matters of materiality, spatiality and site-specificity.

In Bloom in the artists first collaborative exhibition.



Friday, 22.9.2017,

Opening hours:



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