Studio17 X 10

Intrusions on open geometries

30.11. – 30.11.2023

Alice Darby
Espen Pedersen
Helene Espedal-Selvåg
Jone Tou
Veslemøy Flotve

Since 2013, Studio17 has been a crucial exhibition space for numerous displays and initiatives that have left a lasting impact on the art and cultural scene in Stavanger. Many have developed close ties to the artists, the venue, and especially to each other during our events at Nytorget 17. Thanks to all of you the identity and atmosphere of the small basement space with the large windows have flourished.

As a transitional ritual, current board members reflect on our own connection to Studio17 through a site-specific exhibition. This will be the final exhibition in the premises at Nytorget. As Nytorget undergoes its total transformation, Studio17 now turns its gaze toward the future in new premises at Øvre Strandgate 66, with our newly launched program, Studio17 Residency, starting in the spring of 2024. Meanwhile, we maintain the essence of what we have always been: an open, experimental space for both emerging and established artists to unfold their creativity.

During a conversation among board members, a mantra emerges:
Studio slutten (the end)
Studio flytten (the move)

Program for the evening:
5:00 PM — Opening at Studio17, Nytorget 17
6:30 PM — Guided tour to Old Stavanger
7:15 PM — Arrival at Studio17 Residency, Øvre Strandgate 66 (Light food served, including Turi Gramstad Oliver’s lentil soup, cake, coffee, and beverages)
10:00 PM — Good night 🙂

In connection with this celebration, we want to express our sincere thanks to all collaborators and over 200 exhibitors we have had over the past 10 fantastic years at Nytorget!

We also extend a heartfelt thanks to former board members Line Anda Dalmar, Gunhild Moe, Kaja CXZY Andersen, Marie S. Johansen, Ingunn Nord Varhaug, Bente Ånestad, Siri Borge, Linda Lamignan, Hans Edward Hammonds, Jessica Morris, Anna Ihle, Mirja Majevski, Mari Kolbeinson, Ananda Serné, Markus Bråten, Kari Kalstø, Marie Skretting, Anette Gellein, and Espen Birkedal.

Last but not least, a thousand thanks to all of you who use, visit, and engage with Studio17. We hope you’ll join us for the next 10 years!

Welcome to the 10-year celebration, to a final farewell to the premises at Nytorget 17, and to the inauguration of our new location in Old Stavanger!


Thursday 30.11: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM