• Eli Maria Lundgaard, «Feelings Twists Everything Around», 2017 (still image of a video)


Eli Maria Lundgaard

What is it, which cannot act or think?

12.05. – 14.05.2017

My art is about comprehension. I explore different concepts of the psyche, such as anxiety or hypochondria. I question the subject and its surroundings: how the body and the environment are defined and shaped by both natural and human made processes. Both science and art are influenced by curiosity and an absence of information. We are tidying and looking for definitions, finding shelves and drawers to put things in. Everything around us should be categorized and organized. These categories and systems come from what we are learned to look for. What cannot be described physically, but only sensed, leads to speculation and fantasy. What do we do when explanations are missing? What we cannot see or explain turn into myths, monsters and magic. Fiction and dreams blends with reality and makes a setting we can live within and think. I am curious. I want to communicate with something which I don’t understand, through reconstruction and manipulation. I work with something seemingly familiar, but I want to alienate it.

– Eli Maria Lundgaard

Eli Maria Lundgaard (b. 1989 in Trondheim) is currently a master student at Malmö Art Academy. She mainly works with a variety of media such as video, sculpture, collage and drawing. At Studio 17 she will show video works and a sculpture.

The exhibition is supported by Rogaland Art Centre.


Friday, 12.5.2017

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