«Landscape Forecasting» {Jæren}

By Shahrzad Malekian and Maïna Joner

03.06. – 05.06.2022

Sand dunes creep up from the shore. The white fabrics that cover the land gleam in the sunlight. Hay bales wrapped in plastic punctuate the horizon. From the dark, brown peat bogs, and the orange poisoned soil, to the green fields – the landscape is constantly changing. What made Jæren in the past is disappearing with time.

«Landscape Forecasting» gives us the power to decide the future of Jæren. Through the eyes of a wind turbine, an oil rig, agribusiness, or human will, we must negotiate or collaborate with the factors of change in the region, to determine what the landscape of Jæren will look like in the future.

«Landscape Forecasting» is a narrative game where players discuss how the future will be shaped, when it will be shaped, and who will shape it through participatory and collaborative storytelling. The game lasts approximately 150 minutes and is played with 10 people.

The game session is part of the exhibition «In the Eyes of Others» at Studio17 and will take place 3 times during the exhibition at Rogaland Kunstsenter’s café.


  • Friday 3rd, 15:00- 17:30
  • Saturday 4rth, 16:30- 19:00
  • Sunday 5th, 14:00- 16:30

Sign up by sending an Email to <schahrzad.malekian@gmail.com>. State your full name and phonenumber, and the time you wish to attend.


Please show up 15 minutes prior to start, and we will start the game by having a refreshment together.

Dates and times

Friday 3/6/22: 15:00-17:30
Saturday 4/6/22: 16:30-19:00
Sunday 5/6/22: 14:00-16:30