Group exhibition


20.01. – 22.01.2023

Even though the room is getting smaller and the roof is caving in

— will we ever reach?

I feel the wallpaper on my skin. We are pressed together and it’s really claustrophobic. It feels absurd to live in chaos when everything else seems so polished. I feel the same as you and it’s terrible. 

«Chaos/Care» is a pop-up group exhibition that exhibits 7 young artists that are all current or former Kunstskolen i Stavanger students; Morgan Eli, , LO, Thyra Wanvig, Marie Saure, Lea Joakim Hansen Svendby, Minseo Kwon and curator Sofie Tveitnes.

Through entry points like absurdity, materiality, identity and transitions the exhibition inhabits different angles where chaos and care meet. The exhibition therefore raises the question; Where is the care in a world that appears to be in constant decay?


Participating artists:

Sofie Tveitnes (she/her) is a 2nd year student at Kunstskolen in Stavanger and the exhibitions curator. They investigate the posthuman through the creation of hybrid images, sculptures and installations. Their work embraces transformation through materials potential for change. Humans are composite organisms that dont exist unconditionally. The posthuman accommodates an extended form of care. A form of care that often rots within the anthropocene.

LO (they/them) is a 2nd year student at Kunstskolen in Stavanger. They work digitally with e.g animation and sound. Their works often use horror motifs that are produced via a pixlated gaming aesthetic.

Morgan Eli (they/them) is a 2nd year student at Kunstskolen in Stavanger. They saw the body as an extension of shame, turned into materiality. A repulsive mass of flesh and blood. They feared but sought platonic touches and explored the dynamic between contact and revulsion. Exchanges that meditate on human contempt and fury. They seek freedom in the non-binary as a relief in infected wounds, scars that heal.

Thyra Wanvig (she/her) studies visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2022-). “In my practice, I switch between different media and techniques, but what lies closest is different forms of drawing. I am inspired by situations, transitional phases and places that explicitly carry with them transformation and instability. In these engrossing, often chaotic moments, there is strangely a presence and stillness, which can tend to be fleeting when one is in calm stability.”

Lea Joakim Hansen Svendby (they/them) is an artist based in Tromsø. “I work with painting, performance, installation and sculpture. Themes that I often encounter in my work are self-image, addiction, identity and gender. I have a ‘Fuck you’ mentality when I’m in the studio and I’m quite nervous and sometimes scared outside the door.”

Marie Saure (they/she/he) has a BA in contemporary art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tromsø and is now based there. As an artist, they work with a wide spectrum of themes and modes of expression, with a starting point in themselves and their own body and experiences. He often asks questions about sexuality, identity, applicability and materiality

Minseo Kwon (she/her) is a South Korean artist based in Bergen, Norway. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen, KMD in 2022.

“As an artist, I work through various media forms. It ranges from sculpture, installation, new media, drawing, and conceptual works. The themes I have worked with vary from nature, identity, and phenomena of things themselves. I prefer combining techniques and making sculptures of hybrid species, and I often start with a serious subject and work it out in a humorous way. My intuition plays an integral part in the process, which allows me to consider my chosen topic in a different perspective. The process begins when moments in my daily life inspire me to capture, explore and gradually expand into a story of its own.”


The exhibition is a pop-up event by artist and curator Sofie Tveitnes.

The exhibition is financially supported by Kunstskolen i Stavanger.


Friday 20.01.2023: 19:00-21:00

Opening Hours

Saturday 21.01.2023: 12:00-16:00
Sunday 22.01.2023: 12:00-16:00


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