gentian rhosa

O’ Echo of the Primordial Howl

09.06. – 11.06.2023

The bleeping of the machinery, the echo of an ancient lament, the wind passing through hospital doors, reading to the one who no longer speaks but listens, the keeners cry through generations, the birdsong outside of the window, the voices who ask and discern, the listener tuned to the rise and fall of breathing, the uproar of despair, the silent waiting, the vibration of haunted vocal chords, the muffle of activity from behind hospice walls, the shrill howl of grief, the whispered and tender encounter, the yelp of the mourners cry, the beating that stops and continues, the constant washing of the ocean, the rumbling rumbling world

’O’ echo of the primordial howl’ explores griefs resonant echo through personal and cultural moments of sonic encounter. Field recordings taken during a period of caring for a loved one through death are collaged with found sounds from different mourning traditions and moments of public outcry, combining to form an auditory mapping of griefs expression through the singular and collective body.


Fredag 09.06.2023: 18:00-20:00


Lørdag 10.06.2023: 12:00-16:00
Søndag 11.06.2023: 12:00-16:00