13.11. – 15.11.2020

Is the dream of the lavish picnic, that was an ongoing theme in our own childhood play, in the winters we would both make indoor picnics, dreaming of the unreachable idea of the summer ahead. The intimacy a blanket can create borders of friendships, secrecy, and stories, on a floor or grass, despite no walls are around to stop the sound, or other people to join, the space of the blanket will get a feeling of privacy that is unbreakable.

About DuoDuo:
DuoDuo is a collaborative project by Asta Tutavae and Humle Rosenkvist that explores the thematic of sharing, togetherness, and duality. In a time where we become more and more individualised, the romanticising of the idea of the twosome is very present, and furthermore in this time when we have forced separation as at the same time being closer with a smaller specific group of people, family, partners or friends.
We attempted to explore the dynamic of the two through servings, and happenings, where food, objects, and appearance will reflect on, does question we have: How to share? What to share? When to share? What is a successful sharing?

We go to the works with both seriousness, and skepticism as much as we use humour and play. Reaching all age with simple visual elements that are easy to read, but contain main different questions and thoughts depending on the audience’s own state, and by making participatory installation, that let the viewer in and be a part of the work. To underline the thematic the choice of material plays a part, like food, ceramic, and textiles, which all talk into an idea of warmth, togetherness, and community.

The exhibition is supported by Trafo.


Friday, 13.11.2020

Opening hours: